Pass the Torch or Torch the Past

In Pat Cameron’s new book, survey research meets self help on the topic of familial inter-generational values and happiness. This book combines groundbreaking research (quantitative primary research about women, their values and their relationships and qualitative research uncovering relevant, often-poignant stories) with simple questions and suggestions to support further exploration of values and ways to increase happiness in all aspects of your life.

Marketing Services
Marketing Services

Pat Cameron provides knowledge-based marketing and research consulting for actionable results. Her hands-on design and execution of quantitative and qualitative research have deepened her insights into peoples’ needs and desires for products and services. To complement research, Pat facilitates brainstorming sessions for marketers to become better brand stewards, and to develop stronger marketing programs.

The Kinnection Report ©

Pat Cameron’s Kinnection Report © delves into intergenerational relationships among women. It’s done overtly by asking mothers and daughters to rate their relationship with each other on a series of attributes. It’s done indirectly by finding patterns in the values across three generations of women in the same family. The family connection is extremely powerful, and generally very positive.